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Choose type of crypto mining

Whether you want to use cloud mining, buy new miner and have it hosted by us or you want to have your own miner hosted in our facilities, MIGODI is the right partner for you.

Cloud Mining

Use MIGODI cloud computing power to mine a cryptocurrency of your choice.

Buy Miner

You don’t own a miner yet and want to buy one but need no hosting?

Buy Miner & Host

You don’t own a miner yet and want to buy one and host it with us?

Miner Colocation

Already have your own miner and want it hosted by MIGODI?

Our range of services

We provide mining consulting, mining farm construction, affordable cloud mining, the best mining hardware, professional miner hosting services including miner colocation, a fast miner repair service and regular events related to bitcoin and blockchain infrastructure.


Mining, heating, cooling

Mining Farms

Construction, operation and maintenance


Firmware, administration etc.

Miner Repair

ASIC miner maintenance and repair services

Mining Hardware

Purchase and sale of new and used hardware


Cables, electronics, etc.

MIGODI Repair Service

ASIC Miner Repair Service

We provide fast and affordable ASIC miner maintenance and repair services. We try to minimize your down time by offering fast turnaround times.