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Buying Hash Power

Buying hash power is the most effective way to mine coins without buying and maintaining expensive mining hardware.

MIGODI Hashpower Process

How to buy hash power

It only takes the following simple steps to buy hash power.

1. Create User Account

Register your free MIGODI user account. Create account now.

2. Purchase Hash Power

Choose blockchain, hashrate and hashing duration.

3. Setup Mining Pool

Assign a mining pool to your individual hash power order.

4. Receive Income

Payout straight to your desired mining pool.

Advantages of buying hash power

Buying hash power has certain advantages over the classic mining with own mining hardware. These benefits include:

No KYC (Know your customer) requirements.
Reduces overall costs associated with mining hardware, electricity, hosting fees, maintenance, etc.
Allows everyone, who may lack sufficient technical knowledge, to effectively mine coins.
Much larger data center power to receive more from mining than using your own mining farm.
Allows you to mine different coins using the same service.
We reward you for every order. Gain MIGODI reputation to get great discounts for your next orders.
Mining Pool of your choice.
Direct access to mined coins.

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