We define ourself as Tech Innovation Group with blockchain focus.

Our Vision

The story of MIGODI started at the mid of 2010. Our founder, Christo Stoyanov got to know Bitcoin by searching for “internet money”. He was fascinated by the technology and wanted to build his own farm. He came up with the idea of mining as a service and built the first mining farm in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. Since MIGODI’s founding in 2020, market has grown tremendously and a lot has happened, but one thing remains constant: We are all strong believers in the future of Blockchain and we love being part of this growing branch of industry.

Today we define ourself as Tech Innovation Group with world blockchain mining and farming focus. With strong technology expertise and successful references we are market leader in the European Union. Our company is based in Lübeck, Berlin, Frankfurt a. M. (Germany), Basel (Switzerland) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

For a long time the crypto market was controlled by asian based companies. Our vision is to show that also an European Union based company can set new crypto market standards and innovations. Thereby we stand for realibility, best quality and trustful partner relationships.

Group Expertise

Our references of the past years are successful technology and crypto infrastructur investments. Mining is only one cryptotech way for us to store electric energy. Next to technology know-how we have leading finance and VC expertise in our group.

The competence of our management team includes investment, management, development, constructing and trading of technology based solutions. We provide investment partner to benefit with us from technology and crypto currency growth with our leading solutions.

Group Structure

Awarded German Companies

Our base is the digital, technology and communication agency EVENMEDIA NEXT GmbH from Lübeck. We developed successful software, technology and startups in the past. Technology infrastructure but also crypto & mining was part of our business since Bitcoin has started.

Why renowned investment partner work with us? Since 2010 we bring specific market, technology, finance, business, stock exchange and legal knowledge together for clear, legal and scalable business models – but also maximum ROI from blockchain markets.