Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that we always expect the electricity costs for the first 30-60 days, depending on the occupancy, to be paid in advance. You will then receive a monthly statement on the 1st of each month with a payment term of 7 days.

You can use all supported payment methods to pay the monthly electricity costs. If you want a different method of payment, please contact us in good time.

All of our orders are pre-orders, we do not have any stock items. Please contact us if you want to place time sensitive orders.

from China begins as stated on the product detail page, the time between shipping and delivery is approximately four (4) weeks.

The devices are then available for collection / reshipment (from Lübeck); we refer to this as the time of availability or online time.

If you have also booked hosting with us, your devices will be transported directly to the selected data center and put into operation.

The shipping time specified in the order is binding. The time of availability specified in the order is binding.

If the time of availability or online time is delayed by more than 15 working days due to our fault, you can withdraw from the contract free of charge. The purchase price including shipping costs will be reimbursed in EUR. Refunds in Bitcoin are not possible.

The following services are already included in the electricity price.

  • Insurance (fire, water, theft)
  • Video surveillance with motion sensors
  • Alarm secured with motion sensors
  • Fire / temperature sensors
  • Security staff continuously on site (24/7)
  • Structural protection of the interior, such as fences
  • No public disclosure of the intended use
  • Automated alerting to the fire brigade, police and security service

The following services are already included in the electricity price.

  • Free miner installation
  • Hands-on 24/7 (restart, reset)
  • VPN access / port forwarding to your devices
  • Separate network for each customer
  • Redundant internet access via cable, 4G (LTE) and / or directional antennas

The following services are already included in the electricity price.

  • Cooling through air exchange.
  • We guarantee an ambient temperature between 18-28 ° C.
  • Our ventilation systems are designed to keep the incoming fresh air free of dust via filter systems according to the G3 standard.
  • Service on the miner (e.g. repairs to the miner)
  • Replacement of defective miners, power supplies or components
  • Configuration or assembly of your miners
  • Manage your miners
  • Hourly rate from € 130.00 plus applicable VAT – see support price list above
  • Source of electricity: Each system is unique, please refer to the respective specifications directly from the overview page
  • Your contractual partner: Coindeer LTD based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the price per kWh can be found here

The following additional fees apply to devices that you purchase from MIGODI: € 10.00 per miner per month (plus VAT).

You’re welcome!

The following additional fees apply to devices that you did not purchase from MIGODI:

  • ASIC miner: € 10.00 per miner per month (plus VAT)
  • 4U GPU miner: € 20.00 per miner per month (plus VAT)
  • 6U GPU miner: € 30.00 per miner per month (plus VAT)

Prepayment for the first 30-60 days, then monthly invoice with 7 days payment term. You can pay in fiat and bitcoin.

A 365-day warranty is provided starting from the shipping date. In order to be able to make use of the guarantee, the customer must create a repair ticket on the MIGODI website.

Overclocking the miner will immediately void the warranty!

  • The warranty only applies to the original purchaser who purchased the device directly from MIGODI. Once the miner is resold, the responsibility for warranty rests with the reseller.
  • No refunds will be given to the extent permitted. Defective miners can be repaired free of charge if they are covered by our warranty. After the warranty has expired, devices can be repaired for a fee.

Loss of warranty for:

  • Product damage from improper installation, use, and maintenance;
  • Product damage or failure due to dropping, accident, theft, abuse, negligence, improper operation;
  • Product damage from physical failure, including but not limited to moisture, fire, flood, lightning, transportation, and extreme environmental conditions;
  • All the product, circuit board or components of the circuit board will be crushed, broken, burned, dropped or damaged as a result of improper operation;
  • Product damage due to overvoltage, undervoltage or leakage;
  • Product damage due to significantly higher or lower ambient temperatures;
  • Product damage due to moisture, oxidation, corrosion and short-circuiting of the product or part of it;
  • Product damage or loss from natural disasters including, but not limited to, floods, lightning strikes, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and lightning strikes, etc.
  • Dismantling or modification of the product by a person other than us, a service provider authorized by us or the manufacturer;
  • Product damage or failure caused by the use of power adapters, parts or devices not supplied by us, our authorized suppliers or the manufacturer directly;
  • Unauthorized changes to firmware and hardware;
  • Product damage or failure caused by the use of unauthorized firmware or drivers, including but not limited to firmware that enables users to overclock;
  • Product damage due to unsupported and / or incompatibility with current and / or future versions of operating systems, software and / or hardware;
  • Damage or loss of data due to improper use;
  • Product without an original barcode or serial number label or which has been altered, defaced and / and removed;
  • Mixed Boards: some or all of the hash boards or control boards in a product are not the original parts of such product or something that prevents us from determining whether the hash boards or control boards are the original parts of that product;
  • Direct operation of the product without connection to drain assemblies (applies to products that require connection to drain assemblies);
  • Usual wear and tear
  • Any other reason that makes it impossible for us to diagnose whether the product is under warranty.
  • Devices sent in for maintenance / repair have not been properly packed, unpacked, sent without sufficient cushioning material, etc. For suggestions for proper / professional packaging, please contact our customer service before shipping.

All device prices for ASIC miners are final, binding, including 19% VAT (Germany).

All devices are properly imported into Germany.

Forwarding by DHL outside Germany or to non-MIGODI facilities: MIGODIs responsible for delivery to the agreed upon destination. Buyer is responsible for customs clearance, duties & taxes (if applicable), and unloading of goods.

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