DCX BitPod Bundle

€ 4.933

DCX BitPod Bundle

DCX’s most compact immersion cooling system is finally here to build a complete system for home mining.

DCX BitPod Bundle

Mining at home

BitPod was designed to enjoy silent, hassle-free mining at home with the best possible user experience.

DCX BitPod

DCX BitPod: compact dual loop immersion system enabling sustainable heat reuse: home or pool heating.

Designed for 2 overclocked S19 Antminers or 4 x M30/50 Whatsminers. You can run 20 GPUs too.
Ideal for PV / Solar Panels with 6-8-15kW capacity (to run 2-4 miners).
Works as a heat pump for pool or home heating (ready to connect).
Up to 15kW of heat transfer with ICP15 dry cooler and even more with heat reuse, pool heating, etc.
DCX ICP15 Dry Cooler

DCX ICP15 Dry Cooler: smart, silent, and adaptive cooling and pumping system with 15kW cooling capacity.

Bundle components

DCX BitPod Bundle consists of the following products:

DCX Bitpod Immersion Mining Enclosure

1 x DCX Bitpod Immersion Mining Enclosure

Compact but powerful immersion enclosure, dedicated for small home-based installations. Dual loop system with a simple connection to the pool/floor heat reuse loop. Combined with DC15 dry cooler enables silent mining with overclocked performance. Pressurization manual pump, rubber hose and hydraulic fittings included.


3 x 22 L ThermaSafe R™ Fluid

22 l container of ThermaSafe R™ High-Performance Dielectric Heat Transfer Fluid. Fully synthetic, 5 cSt, flash point: 160°C. No tint, no aroma, non-toxic, non-allergenic, long-life, eco-friendly, crystal clear, and safe. Designed specifically for electronics cooling, compatible with ASIC, GPUs, servers, and electronics equipment.

ICP15 - 15/21kW Integrated Cooling & Pumping System

1 x ICP15 - 15/21kW Integrated Cooling & Pumping System

15-21kW capable dry cooler with integrated circulation pump, adaptive fan controller, and variable speed industrial fan. Most compact and most capable cooling system with low noise operation.

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