Immersion Mining System

€ 9.717,54

DCX Single Enclosure System Bundle

One Immersion Mining Enclosure with ThermaSafe R™ Dielectric Fluid, PDU, ICP40 Dry Cooler and all needed accessories.

DCX Single Enclosure System Bundle

A complete Immersion Mining System

The bundle includes also hydraulic fittings, industrial tubing, sensors, and all needed accessories packed on one single pallet.

DCX Immersion Mining Enclosure

DCX Immersion Mining Enclosure: designed to substantially reduce heat and achieve higher performance.

Designed for 60-80 GPU’s, or 8 of S19 miners, or 12 M3x Whatsminers.
DCX's Immersion Mining Enclosure gets also rid of high pitch noise produced by multiple miners.
Over 40kW of heat transfer in 35°C ambient and 50kW of heat transfer for average 25°C outside temperature.
DCX ICP40 Adaptive Cooling Pumping System

DCX ICP40 Dry Cooler: Immersion optimized dry cooler combined with an integrated pump unit.

Bundle components

DCX Single Enclosure System Bundle consists of the following products:

1 x DCX Immersion Mining Enclosure

DCX Immersion Mining Enclosure with hydraulic fittings, 88 lpm continuous duty pump (270W | 40dB) and 50 brazed plates heat exchanger for dual loop systems or to connect to home/facility heating or cooling loop. Efficiency: 40kW of heat transfer with 40°C inlet and 60-65°C outlet.

10 x 22 L ThermaSafe R™ Fluid

22 l container of ThermaSafe R™ High-Performance Dielectric Heat Transfer Fluid. Fully synthetic, 5 cSt, flash point: 160°C. No tint, no aroma, non-toxic, non-allergenic, long-life, eco-friendly, crystal clear, and safe. Designed specifically for electronics cooling, compatible with ASIC, GPUs, servers, and electronics equipment.

1 x Enclosure Monitoring Sensor (1 enclosure)

Remote monitoring temperature sensors for Immersion Enclosure system. Provides continuous monitoring of Immersion Enclosure temperature and ambient temp and humidity. Contains access to the monitoring web interface and SMS/messaging feature which allows to configure alarms and analyze long term trends of the cooling system.

1 x Enclosure Power distribution switchgear box

3000-4000W switchgear box for 12 miners. Contains: 12 x overcurrent protection, circuit breaker, cable fittings, terminal blocks, cabling. Legrand components.

1 x Dry Cooler Loop Filling Assembly (manual pump)

Pressure pump with manometer and all required fittings to perform easy filling and maintenance of primary (Dry Cooler) loop. Allows to fill the connection between enclosures and the Dry Cooler with demineralized water or water/glycol mixtures.

1 x ICP40 - 40 kW Integrated Cooling & Pumping System

ICP40 Integrated cooling & pumping system with electronic max 160 lpm continuous duty pump and adaptive fan controller. Dimensions 1.4×0.7×0.4m which provide over 40kW of heat transfer in 35°C ambient. Integrated fan controller with thermostat. Dual 55 – 67dB fans, 50cm diameter. Maximum power 850W.

32 x DCX universal fan emulator 4 pin

Universal 4 pin fan emulator for ASIC miners. Equipped with 16Mhz high speed MCU controller in DIP package with inteligent fan speed emulation 2320-7888 rpm. Fits 99% of ASIC miners and GPU cards using 4pin fan connector.

1 x 10 L Dielectric Solvent

Dielectric Solvent 10 l – both solvent and cleaner, to remove hydro carbonated heat transfer fluid from electronic components and accessories. Additionally, it can be used as a cleaning fluid to clean all immersion equipment: enclosures, tanks, hoses, pumps, etc from an oil-based fluid. Safe to use for rubber and plastic, and does not contain any hazardous substances.

1 x S19 flow direction plates (4 pieces)

S19 flow direction plates (4 pieces)