MIGODI Bitmain Deal Antminer S19j Pro

MIGODInd Bitmain close Deal for a large amount of Antminer S19j Pro

We are proud to announce that MIGODIigned a Purchase Order with Bitmain for a large amount of Antminer S19j Pro. The purchase order provides for a monthly allotment to be delivered from January to June of 2022. After full delivery and deployment of the order, we expect to increase our total mining hashrate by 2.0 EH/s, from the additional Antminer S19 Series miners.

Bitmain Technology Holding Company (“Bitmain”) is a multinational semiconductor company with state-of-the-art IC design capabilities. Bitmain offers products, including chips, servers, and cloud solutions, for blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. In the blockchain mining area, Bitmain has shipped billions of ASICs, accounting for 75% of the global market.

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