How does it work?

Miner Hosting occurs when you have your cryptocurrency mining equipment hosted by MIGODI. We take care of all setup and maintenance required with mining, while you receive full control over your equipment remotely.

It only takes a few steps to buy and host your ASIC miner with us:

Choose Miner

Choose your ASIC miner. We take care of purchasing, operation and the necessary infrastructure such as electricity and cooling. Already have your own miner hardware? Great, we also offer miner colocation.

Choose Hosting Facility

Choose a suitable hosting facility with its respective electricity price per kWh. We install your miner as soon as it arrive at us.

Choose Cooling System

You have the choice between conventional air cooling and the innovative immersion cooling which can increases hashrate from 40% to 60%.

Create Account

Account creation is completely free. You will need this customer account to later manage your miner within the MIGODI Dashboard.

Checkout & Payment

Pay for your miner and make a 30 days prepayment (electricity, hosting). After the 30 days you will receive monthly invoices. You can pay in fiat and bitcoin.

Start Mining

Manage all your miners within the MIGODI Dashboard and start mining Bitcoins. And that’s it!

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions, contact us or take a look at our FAQ.