Immersion Cooling for Mining

Providing unparalleled hash rate increase and complete noise, dust, and fire protection for bitcoin ASIC or GPU miners.

The Immersion Mining Enclosure

All-steel, plug & play v3 Immersion Enclosure. Complete immersion mining system. With optional GPU Brackets to transform your large and noisy mining rig into a compact, immersion-cooled system.

Immersion Mining Enclosure

Immersion Mining Enclosure
Active immersion system with integrated hydraulic fittings, heat exchanger and circulation pump.


Front mounting frame
Used to lift and manipulate the enclosure in the rack, and also to mount any external component like PDU, switchgear box or PSU.


Switchgear box
Optional component may be mounted on the front of enclosure. Contains overcurrent protection, circuit breaker, cable fittings, terminal blocks, cabling.


Main compartment of the Immersion Mining Enclosure
Fits 8x S19 / S17 miners or 12 or even 13x Whatsminers. May be configured flexibly for mixed miner configuration.


Mounting points
For zip ties to secure miner cabling.


Enclosure baseplate (not visible)
Used to disperse the flow evenly, slow down the speed or the circulating fluid and make it more turbulent for the better heat rejection. Used also to configure the flow through the installed miners.


Heat rejection compartment
To separate hot fluid from the main compartment and prevent mixing.

All-Steel & Fits More

Large, all-steel enclosures and industrial-grade hydraulic components. No small & cheap plastic tanks or PVC pipes. The biggest capacity in industry & investment for years.

Up to 60% more Hashrate

Overclocking and fine-tuning with custom firmware effects from 40% to 60% more hashrate. No fans or air handling results in less energy wasted.

Safe & easy to install

Designed with simplicity and safe operation in mind. System deployment is as easy as assembling an IKEA kit.

Noiseless & effective Mining

Immersion in the liquid fully protects from temperature, humidity, dust and vibration or fire. No fans = no noise, more profit, less downtime & less maintenance.

Immersion Enclosure System

Immersion Enclosure with heat exchanger, pump, flow director – without the dielectric fluid. Ready to connect the facility cooling loop.

Immersion Enclosure + Dielectric Fluid Bundle

Immersion Enclosure with ThermaSafe Dielectric Fluid, Switchgear box, and Temperature Monitor / Sensor – ready to connect to facility loop.

Enclosure ICP40 Dry cooler Bundle
Enclosure & ICP40 Dry cooler Bundle

One pallet – complete system. Immersion Enclosure with ICP – 40kW integrated Dry Cooler. Dielectric fluid, switchgear, all you need to start.

Immersion Cooling System for Mining
Immersion Crypto Mining Rack

Aluminum or steel rack frame providing support for 3 or 4 (scale out systems) enclosures. Delivered with maintenance platform to retract bottom and middle enclosure. Nominal weight capacity 1500 kg.


3 standard Immersion Mining Enclosures. Building block for any rack solution.


Maintenance platform to retract bottom and middle enclosure for the maintenance of the immersed miners.


IOD120 – Immersion Optimized Dry Cooler with the 120kW heat transfer capacity.

Immersion Crypto Mining Rack

Immersion Liquid Cooling Rack System that holds up to 36 Whatsminers or 24 S19 Antminers, delivered with 3 Universal Immersion Enclosures. The vertical placement of sliding-out enclosures provides easy maintenance and the best density on the market.

Immersion Rack will be complimented with DCX Monitor – temperature sensors, “black boxes” – integrated facility pumping/manifold units, and 120kW Immersion Optimized DryCoolers.

With over 120kW of heat transfer capacity in 1 square meter space, it’s the densest immersion system worldwide.

Immersion Optimized Dry Coolers

The most cost-effective way to remove heat, and a necessary component of the immersion cooling system. A full portfolio of Immersion Optimized Dry coolers. From 40kW ICP40 integrated cooling/pumping system, via universal 120kW, to the V-shaped 250kW dry coolers. Made in EU, sized to your needs.

Immersion Optimized Dry Coolers

ICP40 – Integrated Cooling & Pumping system – 40kW rated immersion optimized dry cooler – complimentary to Immersion Mining Enclosure.


Dual glandless, electronically controlled, 500mm suction fans that provide airflow for the 40kW of heat exchange IP 44, 350W (1.5A), 230 (220-240) V, 50 / 60 Hz.


Hydraulic / electrical compartment of the ICP40. Holds primary loop circulation pump and electronic fan controller.


Supply and return fittings for the primary loop.


Standard Immersion Mining Enclosure is able to sustain crypto mining hardware including GPU rigs and ASIC miners. Each Universal Immersion Mining Enclosure will accommodate 8 to 16 GPU rigs with up to 12 GPU each, or 15 new Whatsminer M20/30/31 series ASIC miners, or 8 x S17 or S19 Antminers. That results in 96 GPU’s or 15-18 ASIC miners in Immersion Mining Enclosure. Stacking up enclosures to 2/3 levels stack will effect in 288 GPUs or 45 miners in less than 1 square meter. That’s the best you can get!

Numbers are impressive – 30% fewer electricity bills with PUE of 1.05 – most of the fans can be removed and the system cools miners along with PSU’s. Liquid cooling systems allow for overclocking and fine-tuning with custom firmware, which effects in 20% more hash rate with hardware and software optimization. Additionally, most users get up to 10% more shares from stability.

One ASIC miner generates the noise of 75dB all day and night. With a small farm of 2-4 rigs or ASIC miners, it’s unbearable 24/7. A specific location is needed. Miners must be spaced out and placed in a relatively cold place. Air must be filtered and vented which means expenditures for fans, air conditioning, location, filters. With immersion liquid cooling, you will be able to mine quietly from your own place or from the area with the most convenient power. Placing 72 GPUs or 18 ASIC miners in the box with dimensions less than 70x60x60 solves all the problems. Simple as that.

Sustainability is the key. Proprietary engineered fluid extracts 100% of the heat from ICT or Blockchain infrastructure. Hot 60*C/140*F liquid can be reused for the local community or office heating. This Containerized mobile system can be located close to solar or hydroelectric or biomass power plants to use excess energy or waste/biomass and power up the infrastructure with PUE close to 1.01 and virtually zero carbon footprints.

The systems are designed and built to operate at remote locations near energy sources such as solar plants, wind turbines, or hydropower plants. Immersion cooling isolates equipment completely from the outside air. The system works flawlessly even in a hot climate with high ambient temperatures being a real alternative for remote mining. All mechanical parts are eliminated that require frequent replacement. Only active subsystems: pumps, have industrial-grade MTBF.

Engineered fluid is compatible with 95% of the mining systems that were checked for material compatibility. This system will guarantee improved MTBF through the whole lifecycle of the mining infrastructure. Systems immersed in the liquid are completely protected from high temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration. All that results in an immediate increase in miners’ MTBF and the elimination of a majority of scheduled maintenance.