Smart Home Heating

Replace ordinary household heaters while mining bitcoin at the same time

Use waste heat to heat up your home

MIGODI presents the world first mining machine that not only looks good, but also heats your home in an energy-saving, eco-friendly manner and makes you independent from any gas and oil requirements. It has the same energy consumption as mainstream heaters, provides additional hash power and actively reduces your overall heating costs to a minimum or even make you more money.

Smart Home Heating Miner
Vent hole Strong heating effect. Each heater can heat up to 30 m2.

Touch screen
Compact touch screen to manage heating power and other settings.


Modern design
Elegant appearance and warmth.


Heat dissipation
Heat dissipation and air inlet.

Smart Home Heating Miner Specifications



from 13.6 TH/s

Power Consumption

1290 W

Rated Voltage

12 – 12.6 V
Outlet Temperature


Air Volume

800 m3/h

Comfortable, silent & easy to use

Stop using loud and energy hungry mining machines at your home. Start using the MIGODI Home Heating Miner and use waste heat to heat up your home.

Smart Home Heating Miner

Product Advantages

Power on automatically, wifi automatic connection.

Strong heating effect. Each heater can heat up to 30 m2.

Elegant design that fits into any interior.

Wide tuyere design heats up more quickly.

Energy-saving and eco-friendly home heating.

Mining and heating at the same time.

Preorder for an incredible low price

Available from Q4 2022